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Rent - a - Jury

This is how it will work.  You register as a member and begin submitting decision requests when we have crowd sourced a minimum of ten members.  When a group reaches ten members we will launch a new group.  Payment for membership will not occur until ten members have joined.

  1. You present your "decision" to a jury of your peers and they provide "this is what I would do" responses to your request.

  2. You select the best idea and announce to your peers - this is the decision I have made and I will complete it by this date.

  3. Who are your "peers" that will provide responses to your request:

    • Crowd sourced​ business leaders contracted to respond to a peers request for support.

    • You may join their group as a requestor AND/OR a responder committed to an anonymous relationship.

  4. What investment is required to participate in this Rent-A-Jury program?

    • A one-time enrollment fee of $149​ refundable in 60 days if not fully satisfied with the process.

    • A flat fee of $75 for each "decision request" by each member and a flat fee of $25 for each "decision response" selected by the requestor.

    • The service provider, Andrews Network Affiliates, will retain a $25 for each request and escrow $25 for annual distribution to all members on a per capita basis to each group member.

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