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Audible Book History

The "Literary Lessons" are dedicated to the Vistage CEO group who inspired Chuck to share life lessons from his love of reading. These are recommended as a reprieve from the anxiety of the moment and simply something you can do for yourself.

Impact: Discovering the inner challenge of how our minds deal with each

moment and the impact of the past and forecast of the future.

Author: Michael A. Singer - Listened: 3/3/20

Impact: Fascinating story of one man's journey of inner challenge in a world

of filled with family dysfunction, great fame and great talent.

Author: James Taylor - Listened: 2/4/20

Title: Caffeine

Impact: Historical perspective on the world's most misunderstood drug.

Author: Michael Pollan - Listened: 2/4/20

Impact: Outstanding guidance on dealing with the micro distractions as well

as the macro distractions of the world we inhabit.

Author: Nir Eyal, Julie Li - Listened: 1/25/20

Title: Still Life

Impact: Wonderful fiction in a beautiful country filled with intrigue.

Author: Louise Penny / Fiction - Listened: 12/28/19

Impact: After reading the Road to Character and learning of Brook's challenges,

this book is a good read for each of our personal growth journeys.

Author: David Brooks - Listened: 10/5/19

Impact: Fascinating view of what occurs in relationships that can be

beneficial in the office and at home.

Author: Malcolm Gladwell - Listened: 9/3/19

Title: Educated

Impact: Wow, just a phenomenal story of challenge and accomplishment

not unlike the James Taylor story and the Delia Owens book.

Author: Tara Westover- Listened: 8/2/19

Impact: Just a beautifully written story filled with intrigue and wonder.

Author: Delia Owens / Fiction- Listened: 6/15/19

Impact: Good humorous introduction to a bit of Canada before taking our first

vacation to Banff National Forest.

Author: Neil Pasricha - Listened: 6/7/19

Impact: Excellent guidance for long-term personal and career planning.

Author: Michael Hyatt, Daniel Harkavy - Listened: 5/7/19

Impact: Amazing story of people’s challenges and the impact of nature.

Author: Florence Williams - Listened: 5/4/19


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