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My short list of favorite books:

The list sorted by publication date and presents books that have encouraged and inspired me on my journey of lifelong learning. Click to see the list, and please feel free to comment if you have feedback on any of the books.

Originally published 1973

Because it helped me understand: The value of preparation to minimize being intimidated and to ensure my contribution is made.

Six Thinking Hats by Edward DeBono

Originally published 1985

Because it helped me understand: The value of thinking as a skill allowing groups to be more effective when innovation is applied to how they manage their thinking process.

The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge

(The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization) Published 1990

Because it helped me understand: The complexity of organizational learning through; Systems Thinking, Personal Mastery, Mental Models, Building Shared Vision, Team Learning

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Originally published 1997

Because it helped me understand: The value of a basic foundation for gauging my internal state of being and my own code of conduct.

The book has sold over 8.2 million copies in the US and has been translated into 46 languages worldwide.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Originally published 2000

Because it helped me understand: Great lessons about human nature and (for me) the significance of how small actions can have very powerful impact when done right.

My other recommended Malcolm Gladwell books are: Blink (2005), Outliers (2008), and most recently Talking to Strangers (2109)

In Praise of SLOWNESS by Carl Honore

(Challenging the Cult of Speed) Published 2004

Because it helped me understand: My own need for speed and the value of being patient with all that I do; reading, writing, eating, talking and even, thinking. And, lately listening...

Abundance by Peter H. Diamandis & Steven Kotler

(The Future Is Better Than You Think) Published 2012

Because it helped my understand: My own optimism is not misplaced; the world is getting better and will continue as Moore's Law is applied to Food, Water, Energy, Education and Healthcare. So, how do we all prepare today for a changing tomorrow?


Published 2019

Because it helped me understand: What my earlier authors (DeBono, Senge, Ruiz and Honore) had been trying to teach me - be still to hear my real self think.

My other recommended Ryan Holiday books are: The Obstacle is the Way (2014), Ego is the Enemy (2016) and The Daily Stoic (2016) which is an excellent daily intro to the Stoics.


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