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Updated: May 2, 2020

This is a short introduction to how a Vistage Chair grows their professional practice. The process starts with attending the Chair Academy at Vistage HQ in San Diego, CA. They are then assigned an existing Chair in their market as a mentor. Vistage Chairs come with strong financial acumen, superb management skills and an innate entrepreneurial spirit. They’ve realized the kind of success to which most only aspire. Now, they have the opportunity to greatly impact the lives of other business leaders in their communities.

One major factor in the success of chairing a VIstage Peer Advisory Board is that each Chair in the Chicago market is a member of a Vistage Chair Group. That group operates in the same manner as any Vistage group; we have regular meetings, conduct 1-2-1 meetings on an ad hoc basis and share best practices. We also conduct regular Development Days where a guest speaker will provide workshops as on-going education for the chair community.

When we decided to enhance the CEO15 website, one of our seasoned veterans in the chair community was gracious in approving his site as a model for our new design. That demonstrates the caliber of members in our community. And, this peer support is a major contributor to the 60 plus years of success Vistage has enjoyed since the business model was launched in Milwaukee, WI in 1957.

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