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Daily guide for leaders during a crisis [By Vistage CEO Sam Reese] Leveraging your best judgment and the perspectives of your trusted peers will help you remain an effective leader during a crisis. Read 6 principles for leaders to focus on as they approach the challenges of each day.

The latest on loans: Main Street and PPP [By Vistage Sr. Director of Research, Anne Petrik] Main Street Lending is a new Federal Reserve program that offers loans for small and midsize businesses. Learn who qualifies, loan terms and updated details about PPP.

WSJ/Vistage Apr. 2020: Small business confidence plunges during economic shutdown

[By Wall Street Journal - April 2020] 33% of Small Business CEOs believe the economy will improve in the year ahead; 52% report they will decrease fixed investments, according to the April Wall Street Journal/Vistage Small Business CEO survey results.

Preserving business value during the Economic Reckoning [By Vistage Speaker Sheon Karol] SmallBusiness success or failure depends on the Business Owners ability to adapt to the new reality. Here’s 10 actionable steps for CEOs to preserve the long-term value of their businesses.

Accounting and finance tactics to survive and thrive [By Vistage Speaker Matt Garrett] Restructure your costs, improve margins, beef up sales. Vistage speaker Matt Garrett, Founder and CEO of TGG Accounting, offers actionable tactics to survive the current crisis and thrive in the future in this on-demand webinar.

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Pandemic and the stages of crisis and recovery: Which one are you in? [By Vistage Chair Tom Cuthbert] It’s important for CEOs and business owners to understand which stage of downturn and recovery their company is in so they can rebuild, expand and surge into the new economy. Read the 7 different stages divided into crisis and recovery.

How do I want to show up during COVID-19? How are you showing up for your business during COVID19? Read the 3 stages of progression for business leaders and how to survive and thrive from Vistage member Kari Minton, Vistage Chair Jim Plymale, and Laurie White.

What will work-life balance look like after the pandemic? #Leaders, this is the opportunity to emerge from this crisis with both healthier employees and better performing organizations. Read how to create a healthy work-life balance once this pandemic is over.

The moment this is over will be a moment people remember forever The moment the #pandemic is over will be a moment people remember forever. As a leader, it will be important to create a lasting memory for your employees. Learn why.

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