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You Need CEO Peers to Challenge Your Answers

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Hear these words from a Vistage member: "As a CEO and business owner, I needed more perspective. I was stale. I felt isolated at the top.

Even worse, no one was challenging my answers. Advice was everywhere — and always had an agenda attached.

I knew this: what I was doing was not producing the growth I wanted.   Something had to change."

Vistage Members @Work

Do You Need Someone to Question Your Answers

Then gather with a dozen business owners — a CEO peer group. They met confidentially to share experiences and insights. They describe challenges and opportunities — and greatly benefit from each other’s agenda-free recommendations. They learn, as Daniel Joseph Boorstin said: “The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge.”

The results are substantial: their companies become more professionally managed, process driven and — when ready — more sellable.

The experience also improves their life beyond business. Held accountable by their peers, they allocate time better. They stop doing other people’s work and are able to get home earlier. Life gets better.

CEO Roundtable processing a member's challenge

While we have Midwest members, our group meets monthly in a Chicago metropolitan area location hosted by a member.  Our Vistage meetings take place in their offices, city clubs or country clubs and occasionally at unique venues.

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